What to Look for when Hunting for a Penthouse

Penthouses have gained popularity worldwide, and most consider living in them a lifetime goal. After all, who wouldn’t want their dream luxury life in a house with premium features? According to the traditional perspective, a Penthouse is an ultra-comfortable apartment on top of a tall building.

However, that’s no longer the case today; a penthouse can be on the ground floor and is majorly defined by luxurious finishes and size. A spacious penthouse has a higher ceiling, a terrace, a garden, and oversized windows. Some also have a swimming pool, private entrance, and a lounge gym.

It also has a high-end finish from the floor, home automation, furniture, and smart appliances. The security is also heightened, and you will enjoy the panorama view from a more oversized balcony. Living in a penthouse is about living an exclusive life. So when you are looking for one, there are factors you must consider.

Let’s check factors to consider when looking for a penthouse

Factors to Consider when Buying a Penthouse


Location is one primary consideration to make when purchasing a penthouse. Whether you want to use it as a holiday or a permanent home, you want to get a high-end address. So when looking, ensure you check in places hard to replace, like beachside, massive pulses, or riverside. You should also ensure your Penthouse is near social amenities because as you age, you might need those amenities closer.

The view

Penthouse and the unobstructed view are inseparable. A house providing an excellent view is more appealing. However, you should research the area’s development before purchasing the house. It will be sad to spend all the money for a penthouse; then, after some time, other businesses build taller buildings obstructing your view.

To avoid this, when purchasing a penthouses in Atlanta, talk to your real estate agent and ask about any upcoming development in the area. You can also visit the area and see if it has attractive developers, or else you will be disappointed to find out your beautiful view was only temporary.

Is the Unit on the Top Floor?

Most people still love the traditional idea of a penthouse on the top floor. However, today’s definition has expanded, and the Penthouse doesn’t need to be on the top floor. But if you have to own a penthouse in Atlanta, that’s not on the top floor; then you should consider these features that make a unit a penthouse.

  • Where the building is located
  • Unique layout
  • More spacious compared to standard units
  • Luxurious settings and finishing
  • Larger outdoor space
  • A better view not found in the other areas of the building
  • High ceilings, oversized doors, and a large living area

So your mind sees a round floor unit marketed as a penthouse as long as it has features. These ground-floor apartments are ideal for people who wouldn’t mind living on the top floor.

Check Maintenance and Responsibilities

Before purchasing your home, ensure you learn about expectations for its maintenance. This should include maintenance crew access, roof repairs, outdoor space upkeep, potential leaks, and your responsibility for care.

In most places, you will have a crew to take care of your rooftop maintenance issues, landscaping, snow removal, or façade work. For the crew to access those areas, the homeowner must clarify if they will use a different entrance to the outdoor area or come in through your apartment entrance.

If you prefer to keep your unit private, you will be forced to take on some tasks. However, for façade work, you are forced to let them come through your Penthouse.

Another issue you must ask is if there’s a leak history since you’re on the top floor. This might be risky during winter or in wet countries. Also, inquire about the mechanical systems in the building and if there have been persistent leaks that could damage your belongings.


A half-floor or half-floor apartment may provide you with more privacy than when you share the floor with more than two people. Since you’ve decided to buy an expensive luxury property, don’t take an apartment you will share with six or seven people on the same floor. Fewer people on the floor mean less noise, and you won’t share your outdoor space, pool, gym, and other amenities.

You should also ensure that the unit is extra soundproof. What will make your unit more private? Check and inquire if you will have a private lift and car parking space. These features make a penthouse living better than a standard apartment.

Does a penthouse have a customization option?

Maybe you would like to give your new home a personalized touch, so ensure that it has customization options before purchasing. Some units are customizable, while others aren’t, so if you want to add additional or change the existing features, you should ask before signing a purchase agreement.

Suppose you want customized features; you also can negotiate with the designer and pay for changes you would like to make. You may also consider expanding a room, especially if it’s still under construction. The unit rooms may be extended before you purchase. Additionally, if your neighbor is moving out, you may buy their unit to increase the size of your Penthouse.


Even if you don’t have a large family, check where the penthouse bedrooms are located on the floor. How is the master bedroom? It should be palatial with walk-in wardrobes, enormous ensuites, double sinks, double showers, free bathing stands, etc.


Purchasing a penthouse in Atlanta might be your biggest dream, and because it is expensive, you should ensure it gives you the luxury and comfort you deserve. Check the amenities and the high-end features to ensure it’s worth purchasing. If you don’t know where to start, a reputable real estate agent specializing in penthouse sales may help you through the process. In case of any query, they will help and ensure you get an excellent penthouse in a high-end neighborhood.

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