Steps to Take to Locate a Good Real Estate Agent

While there are numerous real estate agents in Mount Martha, the quality of service they provide can vary dramatically. Regardless of whether you’re preparing to buy or sell property, you might not understand the magnitude of the process in front of you. Your finances, your lifestyle and your entire experience throughout the transaction can be impacted by the service that your selected real estate agent provides. By following the steps below, you can find a real estate agent that provides the high calibre of service that you demand.

Get Recommendations

You could begin your search for real estate agents in Mount Martha by scouring the internet, but an even better idea is to obtain recommendations from friends and family members in the local area. Do you know someone who has bought or sold a home within the last year or two? Ask people who you trust about their experiences with their real estate agent. By doing so, you may identify some great real estate agents to focus your attention on, as well as real estate agents that you should avoid working with.

Make Observations

Reach out to several real estate agents who are at the top of your list. Pay attention to how quickly they respond to all of your communications. When contacted during business hours, the real estate agent should respond within an hour or two. For superior insight, contact them by phone and email several times before making your decision. You should also focus on how professional and friendly they are.

Check Licensing and Experience

During your first communication with each real estate agent, ask about their licensing status and their professional experience. Specifically, ask how long the agent has been working in the local area and how they got started in the industry. Ask them to verbally tell you about their credentials so you can determine how established and successful they are and how well they sell themselves to prospective clients.

Schedule a Consultation

For any real estate agents in Mount Martha who are still in contention after these first few steps, schedule an in-person consultation. Pay attention to how flexible each real estate agent is to work around your own schedule. During the consultation, focus on how well-prepared the agent is to answer questions and provide you with specific insight into your buying or selling plans. You’ll be spending the next few months working closely with the agent you select, so you should have a great rapport with them.

Focus on Market Expertise

Before finalising your decision, enquire about the agent’s market expertise. Specifically, focus on these points:

  • The type of real estate they have experience with
  • How long they’ve worked in the area
  • Specific communities they’ve served
  • The average sale price of transactions over the last few months
  • How many clients they normally handle at any given time

While it’s easy to assume that all real estate agents in Mount Martha would provide you with roughly the same services and overall experience, real estate agents can differ in many areas. You can’t take chances when you’re buying or selling real estate, so take steps early in the process to identify the best real estate agent to guide you through the process. 

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