A Live Palletizer Demo Instills Confidence in Your Purchase

In today’s business climate, live demonstrations have become a rarity. With recent travel restrictions and a lack of in-person trade shows, seeing a live palletizer demo for the equipment you need to advance your operations may seem impossible. While we have had to adapt our communication methods, we remain committed to providing live demos that showcase our amazing palletizer systems and answer all of your pre-sale questions.

As part of the virtual Pack Expo 2020, we have produced a detailed demo video for you to view. If this video sparks your interest in our palletizing systems, you should contact us to arrange a customized live palletizer demo that will address your company’s specific needs.

The demo in our video focuses on the operation of our low-feed palletizer, with a five-layer build that features layer conditioning and wrapping as each layer is built. You will see for yourself the ease of operations and smooth transitions. Unlike manual pallet building operations, our palletizers demonstrate the ability for continuous movement, even when transitioning from completed pallets to a new pallet.

In arranging for a customized, live demo, you may prefer to see a high-feed palletizer. We can also review with you a list of our compatible modules so that your demo showcases all the features your business needs. We are equipped to hold a live demo virtually that can demonstrate whatever aspects of a palletizing system are of interest to you. We will also be able to listen to your feedback and questions in real-time to provide ongoing information during the demo. Prior to your virtual demo, we will consult with you to determine the best characteristics of your demo including the use of sample product that mimics your company’s products, specific safety concerns, and the engagement of different palletizing modules that interest you.

If preferred, we can also host your company’s representatives at our 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Portland, Oregon. For in-person visits, we will take every precaution to ensure the safety of our visitors and employees. In-person live palletizer demos have the added advantage of being able to experience the quality of our product firsthand. You can see our facility and experience our dedicated employees who come to work every day with one goal – to manufacture the best palletizing systems in the market.

From automatic pallet dispensing, to layer conditioning and assembly, a live palletizing demo will help you visualize how it can become an integral part of your logistics operation. Contact us today to arrange a live palletizer demo to show how we can make your pallet efforts more efficient.

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